Feb 15, 2012

Lady Gaga opens anti-bullying foundation

Lady Gaga opens anti-bullying foundation

Stefani Germanotta, better known as pop superstar Lady Gaga, is starting the Born This Way Foundation with her mother Cynthia Germanotta, who will act as president of the organization, in order to educate students about bullying, kindness, acceptance and confidence. The advocacy foundation has already garnered the support of Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, a Harvard law professor and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebeliu.

Born This Way is also partnered with the John D. & Catherine MacArthur Foundation, The California Endowment and The Berkman Center at Harvard, all dedicated to improving life in the U.S. and other countries via peace, improved heathcare and the development of supportive environments in cyberspace, respectively. The Born This Way Foundation will have a focus on positive change through digital mobilization, according to a Harvard Graduate School of Education release.

Some of the foundation's main focuses are school bullying programs, as well as public service announcements and a "new culture of bravery for America's youth." The nonprofit will promote self-confidence and anti-bullying with mentorship and career development programs, as well as research, education and advocacy.

A major launch event for the new foundation will be held at the Harvard GSE on February 29 in Boston, MA.

Bullying is a major problem across the U.S. Many students face bullies each day they go to class, and only through education and anti-bullying programs can K -12 schools foster a caring and accepting learning environment. However, in order to stop bullying, schools must first acknowledge the problem and give students and staff a safe way to report incidences.

The Bully Buster program by E2Campus allows schools to implement a tip hotline, letting anyone report an incident of fighting or bullying via a text message from their cellphone. The message is immediately forwarded to teachers, school administration and security who can then act quickly. The system also provides psychological deterrents through technology and promotional materials that deter bullying in the first place. The tipline is also anonymous, removing the stress and fear that students may feel from reporting a bully in person.

By implementing anti-bullying solutions and educating students about the dangers and consequences of bullying, schools can not only deter the actions of would-be bullies, but create a safer environment for students in their institutions so that they can focus on education.

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